Boyer-Moore algorithm in works

Boyer-Moore algorithm is meant for searching short stings (here x), in another text (here y). This algorithm uses arrays that helps quicken this task. Those arrays are precomputed from x. Detailed explanations of this algorithm are on Thierry Lecroq's page - Boyer-Moore algorithm.
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x y notes
gcagagag gcatcgcagagagtatacagtacg from Thierry Lecroq's page
acgt agcggagcaacgtccag one might see that precomputing y might help to find a match in one step
agagcag agtggagcaaggaccag search
agagcag agtggatcaaggaccag search
11111 7346511119847511111983475 suff
12345 7346512349847512345983475 suff
x y
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